Everglades City, Florida – Airboat Tours

Everglades City Airboat Tours and Everglades Private Airboat Tours are family owned businesses that developed from deep roots within the airboat tour industry. These current businesses are owned and operated by the son-in-law (Everglades City Airboat Tours) and son (Captain Mitchs Airboat Tours) of Captain Doug who is a third generation resident and former business owner of Everglades City, Florida. His grandfather was one of the first ones to carry passengers through the Everglades using an airboat. Over the many years to follow, the family continued to use airboats in the Everglades for both personally and commercially. Captain Doug and his family have always made their living on the water. In the early years, the family lived on house boats (when Captain Doug was a young boy) and fished for a living. When he was a teenager living in Everglades City, he began shaping his career as a guide to the Everglades. After fishing for 20 plus years, Captain Doug decided to start a tour boat company. He sold the family fish house and started taking tourists out in 1982. As the years went by, he developed and built his airboat business into the most well-known airboat company in the state of Florida. People from all over the world come to know Captain Doug for his Airboat Tours in the Everglades.

In January of 2007 Captain Doug sold his property and retired after 25 years in the airboat tour business. His legacy continues on today with his kids. Both his son and son-in-law have their own Airboat Tour companies in Everglades City today. Captain Doug may have retired, but his love for the business and the people still lives on today.

You can visit his family at their places of business in Everglades City, Florida.


Visit Everglades City Airboat Tours (Captain Doug’s Son-in-law):

“The Original” Everglades City Airboat Tours located at 907 Dupont St, Everglades City, Florida.

Look for the BIG ROUND Building trimmed in green with flags on the front.

Go to www.evergladescity-airboattours.com for more information about our Everglades City airboat tours.


Visit Everglades Private Airboat Tours (Captain Doug’s Son):

Captain Mitch’s, Everglades Private Airboat Tours located at 31000 Tamiami Trail East (US highway 41), one mile west of the intersection of US 41 and Hwy 29.

Go to www.captainmitchs.com for more information about our airboat tours.